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Hi! I'm Jaime Birch, an independent graphic designer and the face behind Jaime Birch Design.

Over the years of running my own design business I've learned that the thing I love most about graphic design is taking an intangible idea and through time and process creating a concrete manifestation of the idea. I believe in digging down to really grasp who my clients are and understand what they want the expression of their brand to be. I use this to build the foundation for their project. We then work together to mould and shape these ideas, and what was once an inconcrete idea becomes a visible product!

When I'm not at my desk working on a design project you'll find me playing outside, chasing the sun, music-ing (making or listening to) and spending time with my fam-jam...both human and canine. 

Jaime by Alexis McKeown Portrait_0111_1.jpg

To see all of my design work please visit me on Instagram

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